Slate: Landrieu's "Desperate, Pointless" Campaign

How bad are things for Democrat Mary Landrieu in her bid to try and hold onto power? This bad.

When Slate is calling your campaign cynical, desperate and pointless, it may well be time to give it up. But that’s not even the worst of it for Landrieu.

Given the current political landscape, her eleventh-hour gamesmanship reeks of desperation. Worse yet, it’s totally pointless desperation. Landrieu’s Keystone bill currently lacks the 60 votes it needs to avoid a Democratic filibuster, and if she finds them before a potential vote next week, the White House has left little doubt that President Obama will veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

As Fox News points out, even liberal website Talking Points Memo has pronounced Landrieu a “Dead Woman Walking?” How ironic that the only current crime for which the Left seems to be embracing the death penalty is for a Democrat running for re-election in a decidedly red state.

That’s not a right-wing attack. It’s a headline on the liberal site Talking Points Memo.

The media narrative is that the senator is toast, and that may well be true. Landrieu edged Republican congressman Bill Cassidy in the primary, 42 to 41 percent, but another 14 percent went to another GOP candidate, Rob Maness. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to gauge that Cassidy should pick up most of Maness’ votes in the Dec. 6 runoff.