Palin, Robertson Head All Star Line Up For Cassidy in Louisiana

“We don’t need a fundamental transformation of America, we need a fundamental restoration of all that’s good and safe and free in America,” said former Alaskan Governor and GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin at a recent event in support of Republican Bill Cassidy. 

Cassidy is facing off head-to-head against Senator Mary Landrieu, (D), in their run-off election on December 6th.

According to reports, Palin was joined by “former Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness, Lt. Governor Jay Darden and Phil Robertson spoke to a packed crowd at Ralph Abraham’s hanger near Monroe Regional Airport.”

For his part, Cassidy kept his fire focused on his Democrat opponent, Landrieu “including her voting record with the President, her ‘D’-rating with the NRA, and her sudden support of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.” 

Liberals have mostly abandoned Landrieu, who is running as a moderate despite her record, and most expect Cassidy to win handily.

“We in this room will decide who the next Senator from Louisiana will be”, said Cassidy. “We in this room will put an exclamation mark behind what the rest of the country has said and that is we reject Barack Obama’s agenda”.