Satan Comes To Florida For Christmas

You know that Christmas jingle “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” well, now you can say that Satan is coming to down, at least to Tallahassee, Florida.

Florida’s Department of Management Services has approved The Satanic Temple’s Christmas season “diorama of a fallen angel,” and have announced that it will be on display Dec. 22-29 in the state Capitol’s rotunda.

Just last year, the state deemed the same display to be “grossly offensive during the holiday season,” but for whatever reason, they felt that taxpaying Floridians would be ‘ok’ with having a display praising Satan, the biblical “Prince of Darkness” on public property.

Yes, displaying the diorama is pretty offensive, but to showcase it on Christmas Day is down right insulting to all Christians living in Florida, and those around the world.


Do you agree with me?