Border Patrol Agent: TSA Made 'Bold Attempt to Fool the American Public'

Border Patrol Agent: TSA Made 'Bold Attempt to Fool the American Public'

HOUSTON, Texas — The scandal has intensified surrounding Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allowing illegal aliens to fly without sufficient identification and lying about the matter to news outlets and to the American public. Border Patrol agent Hector Garza joined the popular Fox and Friends morning news show to publicly confront the TSA. “It was a bold attempt to fool the American public,” said Agent Garza, acting as spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.

The TSA scandal first erupted when Border Patrol agents came forward and alerted the public that the TSA was allowing illegal aliens to fly on domestic commercial airliners with only a Notice to Appear form, a document often based solely on the word of the illegal alien as to who they are and where they are from. The agents went to the NBPC with their information and the council then spoke out publicly.

This reporter broke the news on Breitbart Texas and almost immediately the head TSA spokesman used social media to claim that both this reporter and the Border Patrol agents were lying about the report.

Ultimately, a Texas congressman wrote the TSA about the matter and the TSA acknowledged in an official letter that they were in fact allowing illegal immigrants to fly with the easily replicated forms.

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