Desperate Davis Takes Book Tour to Rachel Maddow Show

Desperate Davis Takes Book Tour to Rachel Maddow Show

HOUSTON, Texas — The continued failure of the campaign of State Senator Wendy Davis to be governor of Texas has driven her to launch a book tour to attempt to capitalize on her fame before the opportunity fizzles after the coming November 4th election. A desperate Sen. Davis took her book tour to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show to attempt to stimulate sales.

Maddow wasted no time in promoting the book as she introduced Davis. “Wendy Davis is now running for governor of Texas, against Republican Greg Abbott,” Maddow began. “Her new book is called ‘Forgetting to Be Afraid.’ It’s out today, and Senator Davis joins us here tonight for her first cable news interview since its release.”

Current poll numbers show Davis trailing Abbott by 18 points. Numerous changes in the Davis campaign staff have had little, if any, effect on moving those numbers in a positive direction. In fact, the margin for Abbott continues to grow as the election looms larger.

Maddow attempted to create an excuse for the Democrats failure in Texas by blaming “civic participation” levels. Davis played into Maddow’s bid saying, “One, we haven’t had a really hotly, general contested, race in Texas since Anne Richards lost in 1994.” It appears that trend of no hotly contest races extends to the current campaign being run by Davis.

“When I decided to run for governor,” Davis explained, “that was part of my goal. Making sure that we drove a conversation for people to see what our values are and to really consider, are they being reflected in the leadership that we’ve had.” After campaigning on those values in the Democrat Primary, it appeared Democrat voters aren’t buying. With no serious opposition, Davis lost her primary election in half of the Hispanic, South Texas border counties. He opponent did not actively campaign and spent almost no money and yet Hispanic Democrats rejected her campaign of liberal Democrat values. In the recent poll reported on Tuesday, Davis is losing the Hispanic vote statewide with a margin of 47-41.

Running out of substantive issues to discuss, Maddow returned to plugging Davis’ book. “Why did you save your personal stories about your own experience with abortion for now?” Maddow asked. “I guess, not to disclose during that hotly contested campaign then, why now before your election and why did you do it in the form of a book?”

“This book is my personal story it’s not a political story,” Davis told Maddow. “And as I reflected on writing about how I became who I am and why it is that I fight for the things that I fight for, I wanted to put it all out there and to be real.” However, as the recent polls indicate, the more the voters learn about who she is and what she stands for, the more they support Greg Abbott.

Republican political strategist Jessica Colón had a different perspective on the timing of the book tour. “This shameless book tour is a selfish and desperate act to profit from her temporary celebrity status,” Colón said. “She knows that status will expire when the votes are counted on November 4 and Greg Abbott is the next Governor of Texas.”

Maddow then closed out the interview by plugging the book one more time. “I think it’s an important contribution not only to understanding you but to where we are right now.”

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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