Texas Federal Court Denies Obama Admin Request to Lift Stay on Executive Amnesty

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The injunction that has blocked President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty will remain in place following the ruling of a federal judge Tuesday night in this Texas border city.

In a late night ruling, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen sided with the State of Texas and 25 other states that are suing to stop the executive action that would grant legal status to at least 5 million illegal immigrants.

The states have sued the federal government claiming that Obama’s amnesty would cause irreparable harm and financial loss to their state if the executive action continues.  Earlier this year Hanen granted an injunction requested by the 26 states seeking to halt the implementation of Obama’s amnesty. The states claimed the damage would have already been caused and even if they won the lawsuit there would be little they could to at that point.

Hanen’s new ruling comes after the U.S. Government tried to fight the judge’s ruling by asking for a stay of the injunction and also after information pointed to a possible violation by the federal government by granting a three year extension to the program known as DACA which granted status to hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens in school.

Read Hanen’s decision below.

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