Aggies Muster in Philippines and Around the World to Honor Corregidor Heroes

Aggie Muster - Photo by Aggie James T Danklefs 43
Photo by James T. Kanklefs '43.

A Texas A&M Aggie Muster was held in Manila, Philippines, on Tuesday to honor the Aggies who some seventy plus years ago fought in the Corregidor battle. More than 300 Aggie Musters will be held worldwide where ever Texas A&M graduates reside. There are plans to dedicate a monument that has recently been erected on Corregidor to the all of these Texas Aggie servicemen that defended Bataan and Corregidor during the WWII era and those at the 1946 Manila Muster.

Aggie Memorial Corregidor

Artist’s rendition of Aggie Memorial. Credit:

General George F. Moore was the Commander at Corregidor in 1942. He was a 1908 TAMU graduate who also served in WWI. From 1937-1940 he was Commandant of Cadets at TAMU. In the 1930s TAMU was a much larger student body than West Point. That is one of the reasons more than 1,000 TAMU soldiers were killed in action in WWII.

In WWII, then Brigadier General Moore fought in the Bataan Campaign, later he commanded the Manila and Subic Bays Harbor Defenses. He then commanded about 5,000 men and four forts to defend Corregidor. On May 6th, 1942, General Wainwright surrendered Corregidor. General Moore and the surviving TAMU solders were POWs until liberated in August, 1945.


Sixty-nine years ago, 21 April 1946, 132 TAMU soldiers held an Aggie Muster on Corregidor to honor the 26 Aggies under Gen Moore’s command in 1942.

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