Outspoken Texas Veteran Harassed by PAC with Clinton Ties

George Rice
Facebook/George Rice

MCALLEN, Texas — A decorated war veteran known locally in this border city for his strong views about politics has become the target of harassment by a Political Action Committee (PAC) with ties to the Clinton’s.

The harassment came after George Rice, a U.S. Army Veteran with the prestigious 10th Mountain Division, took to social media to expose the Border Health PAC. The organization has been politically active in an effort to promote the creation of a hospital taxing district in the Rio Grande Valley.

Earlier this week, Rice took a video with his phone outside of the Border Health PAC offices where he tried to explain to his friends the many layers of intricate connections that tied the group with the recent elections in various border cities.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Rice since just three days after the war veteran posted the video to his personal Facebook account. Officials with the Border Health PAC called McAllen Police claiming harassment on Facebook.

In the video a McAllen Police officer tells Rice that the reason he is there is because the Border Health PAC called to complain about his Facebook posts.

“I have nothing but the utmost respect for law enforcement and I know they were just doing their job,” Rice said when asked about the apparent infringement on his First Amendment right to free speech. “But this is harassment on the part of the Border Health PAC. There is too much money at stake for them and they are basically being schoolyard bullies.”

The hospital district at the root of the conflict had been originally voted down by local residents in November 2014. However, after the defeat, Democratic State Senator Chuy Hinojosa and Democratic State Representative Bobby Guerra have been pushing for the creation of the district through a legislative bill.

Earlier this year, Rice testified before a Texas Senate Committee about the effects the hospital taxing district would have in the area and how the benefits that its supporters claim are already available.

The Border Health PAC, which has been pushing to get friendly candidates elected, has an ally with close financial ties to the Clinton’s.  According to the PAC’s website, their board of directors includes construction magnate Alonzo Cantu who has also been described by the Washington Post as one of the biggest financial backers behind the Clinton fundraising machine as well as some other Democrats in the area.

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