Mexican Mayor Looking to Sue ‘Sicario’ Movie over Negative Image


The mayor in the Mexican border city of Juarez looks to sue the makers of the action movie “Sicario,” claiming the violence in the movie paints his city in a negative light.

Enrique Serrano Escobar, the mayor of Juarez just south of El Paso, stated that he aims to sue the makers of the movie in a U.S. court for “moral damages” to the city, claiming that the film shows events from the past as though in the present, El Diario reported.

The mayor said the movie depicts violent incidents that don’t currently reflect the city.

In 2010, Juarez had more than 3,000 murders. Mexican cartels fought for control of the lucrative border city. City officials now push an image of a safer Juarez. In 2014, the city saw just more than 500 murders, however, cartel violence continues to haunt the area.

Breitbart Texas recently spoke with children from Rancho Anapra, one of the violent areas in Juarez, who freely recalled recent executions and murders just blocks away. During the interview the children spoke about how cartel members doused a woman with gasoline and set her on fire. You can watch the video interview with the children here.

“We are waiting for the film to be showed, we can’t sue before,” Serrano told El Diario. “Once it begins to be shown our attorneys in the U.S. will see it and evaluate the possibility of suing them in a U.S. court on behalf of Juarez. If they tell us we can we will move forward to the fullest extent.”

Serrano also told El Diario that he seeks to force an advisory shown in Mexican theaters that states that the violence depicted in the film does not display current events in the city.

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