Gulf Cartel Kidnapped 21 Migrants on Way to Texas

Mexican Soldiers
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Cartel gunmen kidnapped 21 Mexican migrants that had hoped to cross illegally into Texas. The gunmen had been holding them for ransom for several days in the Mexican border city of Reynosa until the Mexican army rescued them. In a separate raid, authorities arrested 25 other aliens.

The rescue took place over the weekend in the Lomas de la Torre neighborhood when the Mexican military had been carrying out routine patrols and they heard people screaming for help, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

When the soldiers rushed to help whomever was shouting they found that 20 men and one women were being held inside a house. The victims told the military that they were all kidnapped by gunmen on December 1 as soon as they arrived to Reynosa.

The gunmen had been holding the migrants for ransom as they extorted their relatives for money.

During the rescue, the Mexican military was not able to arrest the gunmen, however Reynosa has been under the control of the Gulf Cartel. The crime syndicate has been singled out by authorities as being responsible for drug trafficking, human smuggling, kidnappings and extortion.

Just one day before the rescue of the 21 migrants, Tamaulipas police officers arrested 25 illegal immigrants from El Salvador and HOnduras who were preparing to cross into Texas. The raid took place after authorities received information about a stash house in the border city of Diaz Ordaz, just south of Roma Texas.

According to information provided by the Tamaulipas government.

Authorities arrested 16 men and 7 women from El Salvador and two men from Honduras. The arrest took place in a rural house between the highway known as La Riberena and the Conchita neighborhood.

The illegal aliens were turned over to Mexican Immigration (Instituto Nacional de Migracion INM) authorities to oversee their deportation.

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