Border Patrol Helps Police Catch Asylum Recipient Wanted for Assault

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Border Patrol agents in New York were called to assist a local police officer in identifying a foreign national who had received asylum status from the Obama Administration. The man was identified and an assault warrant was confirmed for the man.

Irondequoit police had stopped three people in an early morning traffic stop. The officer was unable to identify one or more of the subjects and contacted the Rochester Border Patrol station. Border Patrol agents were dispatched to assist the police officer, information provided to Breitbart Texas on Tuesday revealed.

The traffic stop occurred at 1:40 a.m. on April 29, but the news of this assistance call was just released by Border Patrol officials. The agents identified themselves to the people in the stopped vehicle as Border Patrol agents. One of the agents conducted an immigration interview with one of the subjects, Antonio Gomez-Castro. It was later learned the 25-year-old male had entered the U.S. without documentation. He claimed to be a Honduran citizen but had no documents to back up that claim. The man also claimed to be legally present in the U.S. because he was granted asylum. This fact was later confirmed by Border Patrol agents.

Once his identity had been established, the officer was able to confirm an assault warrant that had been issued by a court in Nassau County, New York. Gomez-Castro was handed over to the Irondequoit police officer who took the man into custody on the assault warrant.

He is being held by the local police pending extradition to Nassau County where he will face a court on the assault charges. It was not reported whether an immigration hold had been placed on the man who had been given asylum and then allegedly committed an assault.

“Border Patrol agents are highly trained to detect individuals who may be illegally in the U.S.,” Patrol Agent In Charge Michael Werthman said in the written statement. “The teamwork with the Irondequoit Police Department in this case was outstanding.”

In a separate incident, Border Patrol agents from the Erie, Pennsylvania station were called to assist in the search for a violent sexual offender who was reportedly on the run from his parole officer. Border Patrol agents made contact with Gregory Schneider, 30, at a bus station in Erie. He was searching for the bus to Cleveland, Ohio, when the agent encountered him.

The subject showed his ticket to the agent while trying to figure out which bus he was supposed to ride, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. The agent made a positive identification that Schneider was the suspect they were searching for. After he boarded the bus, the agent notified the driver and a parole board arrest team came on the bus to make the arrest.

“Fleeing criminals frequently try to mask their identity with aliases and fake identification,” Patrol Agent In Charge Rodney Bentle said in the written statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “This arrest demonstrates the professionalism of our Border Patrol agents and the Border Patrol’s commitment to support our partners in the region.”

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