Louisiana Grocer Refuses to Make ‘Trump 2016’ Cake for Teen’s Birthday

Louisiana Trump teen

A Louisiana teenager says she was refused a Donald Trump cake for her 18th birthday party by Albertsons bakery after she requested a design featuring an American flag that read “Trump 2016”.

McKenzie Gill, a 17 year-old Trump supporter from Bossier City took to her Facebook page to explain what had originally occurred when she asked for a Trump-themed cake at her local Albertsons grocery store.

Gill says she just wanted a cake for her birthday that reflected her excitement on voting for the first time and, more specifically, voting for Trump.

“Trump is just someone I really look up to,” Gill told KSLA.

Gill said that when she and her mother went to the local grocery story bakery to request the Trump-themed cake, they were expecting the standard scenario of ordering a cake.

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Instead, she left empty-handed and puzzled.

“We just need an American flag cake with Trump 2016 on it, and right when I said Trump the lady just (makes face) kinda Trump? And she was like I can make you a flag cake but I’m not going to write Trump on it,” Gill told KSLA.

Afterwards, Gill and her mother said they simply went to another bakery to make the cake for them.

“It’s your job,” Gill said. “We’re not really going for your opinion on what you think of the candidates we were just wanting Trump 2016 on the cake.”

Since the enthusiastic young Trump supporter’s story immediately grabbed headlines, Albertsons released a statement, saying “We apologize to our customer in Bossier City for the situation regarding the cake that was requested.”

“Our Bakery staff member misunderstood the training provided regarding copyrighted phrases, and incorrectly informed the customer we could not fulfill her request,” the Albertsons statement continued. “We would be happy to provide the cake as the customer requested.”

Gill said she never thought her story would see national attention, saying “I was just venting on Facebook when I made the status that I made, I didn’t think I was going to get as much attention as it did.”

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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