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Boston Cops Still ‘Critical’ After Multiple Surgeries for Gunshot Wounds

Boston Cops
Officers' Photos: Boston Police Department

The two Boston police officers who were shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Wednesday faced a second round of surgery on Friday. One officer faced additional surgery on Saturday morning. Police say the two officers are recovering but are still in critical condition.

Boston Police Officers Richard Cintolo, a 27-year police veteran, and Matt Morris, a 12-year veteran responded to a domestic disturbance call on Wednesday night. Police officials say that Kirk Figueroa, 33, was reported to be threatening his roommate with a knife, Breitbart Texas reported on Wednesday.

When the officers arrived and entered the home, Figueroa reportedly appeared with a tactical shotgun and wearing body armor. He opened fire, striking one officer in the leg and the other in the upper body. Other officers responded quickly and dragged the two wounded officers to a safe place were life-saving first aid could be applied. Other officers returned fire, striking and killing Figueroa.

The officers were transported to the hospital, but officials credited the quick action of a fellow officer who stuck his finger in the leg wound of Officer Morris, pinching off the severed femoral artery. Another officer applied a tourniquet allowing Morris to be safely transported. Both officers underwent surgery on Wednesday but were listed in “extremely critical” condition at that time.

Following a second round of surgery on Friday, police told the Associated Press (AP) the officers were recovering but were still in critical condition.

Boston police officials tweeted that Morris underwent additional surgery on Saturday morning. The surgery was completed and Morris is listed in critical but stable condition.

The AP reported that Officer Morris received the state’s highest award for bravery, the Hanna Medal of Honor, for his actions in 2006 when he and his partner talked down a masked gunman who was firing on a crowded bus. The two officers were able to peacefully take the man into custody and save those on the bus.

The Boston Herald reported that Officer Cintolo has been described as “the guy you want to be pulled over by.”

“If there was a bird on the ground, he’d stop the cruiser and push the bird to the side of the road,” Mike Anderson, the service manager of Nu-Tread Tire & Auto Service Center in Eastie’s Orient Heights neighborhood told the local newspaper., Anderson said Cintolo would frequently stop by his East Boston home.

Cintolo is a second generation Boston police officer. His father, Michael Cintolo, retired from the department a few years ago.

The department expressed its gratitude to the public for their support and asked for continued prayers for the officers’ recovery.

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