AP Hypes 2015 Muslim Hate Stats, Blames Trump

AP Photo/Alan Diaz
AP Photo/Alan Diaz

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – After the Federal Bureau of Investigation released their annual hate crime report for 2015, the Associated Press (AP) ran with a handful of statistics to portray a widespread epidemic of anti-Muslim violence.

The AP report singled out the anti-Muslim hate crime numbers to generate the appearance that Muslims are being discriminated against at record levels, even going as far to blame President-Elect Donald Trump using unsubstantiated evidence from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR):

Last year, there were 257 reported incidents of anti-Muslim bias compared to 154 the year before, a 67 percent increase. The number of reported hate crimes against Muslims peaked at 481 in 2001.

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he was not surprised to see the large increase in 2015 and said he expects the trend to continue.

“We saw a spike in anti-Muslim incidents nationwide beginning toward the end of 2015. That spike has continued until today and even accelerated after the election of President-elect Trump,” Hooper said.

The AP fails to put the anti-Muslim hate crime statistic into context, as Breitbart Texas did, showing that Jewish-Americans are more than twice as likely to see hate crimes against them.

In 2015, Jews saw 695 total offenses, while Muslims experienced less than half that amount with 301 reported offenses.

The AP also failed to note that Americans of Middle Eastern descent saw far fewer hate crimes in 2015 than other races/eternities with 47 offenses reported by law enforcement.

Additionally, the AP did not point out the FBI’s data showing gay men, specifically, are more than twice as likely to be victims of a hate crime as Muslims, with over 750 offenses reported in 2015 alone.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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