Tulane Protesters: White Students Must Be Held Accountable for Racism


NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – During a demonstration on the Tulane University campus, protesters largely from social justice organizations demanded white students be held accountable for perceived racism on campus.

With chants like “White silence is violence,” social justice warriors marched across Tulane campus holding signs reading “White students: No one has to do everything, everyone has to do something,” claiming their campus was full of racism, according to the Tulane Hullabaloo.

The student newspaper reported that the demonstration was “in response to a lack of action from Tulane” regarding racism on campus, but did not cite any specific incidents.

Roughly 10 organizations promoting multiculturalism demanded “accountability from white students in regards to deconstructing the racism on Tulane’s campus,” the Hullabaloo reported.

The Hullabaloo reported that such racism at Tulane impacted the “personal safety and human rights,” but did not cite any reports of violence against minority students on campus.

Protester went on to tell the Hullabaloo that Tulane is “dangerous” in its dealings with minority students.

“There have been so many instances of micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions against us on this campus,” Students Organizing Against Racism co-President and News Editor for the Hullabaloo Canela Lopez said.

“Anywhere from students wondering what sport we play to be at Tulane to assuming we can’t speak English properly to outright hate crimes … We are unsafe,” Lopez told the Hullabaloo.

Khristyan Trejo with the Generating Excellence Now told the Hullabaloo there was “violence happening” on the campus, despite giving no examples.

“[The aministration is] complicit because there’s violence happening,” Trejo told the Hullabaloo. “The message Tulane’s administration is sending is they don’t care about students of color until things get ugly.”

A Muslim student at the protest, Haneen Islam, said she did not “feel safe” on the campus, saying “I want to f*cking strut down this campus wearing a hijab and feel proud,” according to the Hullabaloo.

In the middle of the protests, Trump-supporting Tulane students from a nearby dorm interrupted by chanting through a megaphone “Go Trump” and telling the protesters to “go to class.”

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