Sex Offender Charged With Videoing Little Girl in Bathroom

Darrell Sueber Mugshot HCSO

HOUSTON, Texas– A registered sex offender has been charged with Invasive Visual Recording and Attempted Promotion of Child Pornography after allegedly taking a video of a 10-year-old girl while she was in a bathroom stall at a Texas restaurant. The defendant has a long history of sex offenses, including taking photos in a girls restroom dating back to high school.

The little girl reported that she had just walked into the stall when she noticed an arm reaching over the stall door with a cell phone pointed at her. She said the phone looked like it was recording.

According to the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Office, Darryl Keith Suber, Jr., has been charged with Invasive Visual Recording and Attempted Promotion of Child Pornography related to this incident.

Deputies from Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to a call at the Cheddars Restaurant located in the 21000 block of IH 45 North. A male was being detained for allegedly taking photos in the women’s bathroom at the restaurant.

The 10-year-old female victim told them that she had just gone into the restroom stall when she noticed the suspect’s arm reaching over the stall door with a cellular phone in hand pointing towards her. The victim stated that it looked as though the suspect was recording. The little girl quickly left the bathroom but she noticed that a black male continued to record her. She immediately told a family member who went to the restroom and confronted the suspect.

When asked about the incident, the suspect denied recording anything and tried to flee the scene.

A family member told a deputy who was working security at the restaurant what the little girl had said.

The suspect, identified as Darryl Keith Suber, Jr., was detained without incident and held until Precinct 4 deputies arrived.

The 24-year-old Suber has a lengthy criminal record and three convictions for indecent exposure, a dismissal of a 2010 Attempted Improper Visual Recording incident, and a conviction for a 2011 Improper Visual Recording case. Both of the Improper Visual Recording incidents involved pointing a camera into a restroom stall in a female restroom.

The 2011 Improper Visual Recording incident occurred at Kingwood High School in Kingwood, Texas. Suber still lives in Kingwood, a city just north of Houston. According to court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas, there were several female witnesses that said Suber “was coming in the girls restroom while they were inside … and he had a cell phone in his hand like he was trying to take a photo or video of them.”

Suber was called to the an assistant principal’s office and he gave school officials permission to look at his cell phone. Photos of several female students using the restroom and changing after swim practice were on his phone. Suber said that the girls in the photos were from Kingwood High School. One of the girls in a photo verified that she was in a photo and that she did not give Suber permission to photograph her. Suber also had photos of girls’ underwear on his phone; he said he got these photos from the girl’s locker room, and off of the internet.

The register sex offender’s most recent conviction was in a case where he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure on October 19, 2016 from an incident that occurred in January of this year. According to documents obtained from the Harris County District Clerk’s Office, Suber gave a voluntary, recorded statement and prosecutors’ filed the “State’s Notice of Intent to Use Defendant’s Statements” in September. He served 60 days for the offense. According to the Complaint, Suber unlawfully exposed his genitals to a female complainant and masturbated.

The young man was also convicted for a 2013 indecent exposure incident involving the exposure of his erect penis and shaking it in public at the library of the University of Houston-Downtown. He was not a student at the university. Court documents stated that Suber came into the library and “squeez[ed] his penis and had a smile on his face. The defendant tried to put his penis on her face.” A requirement of his plea negotiations in this case said that he would have to register as a sex offender and serve 120 days in jail. He has a 2014 indecent exposure case for exposing his penis to masturbate in a public place.

Suber also has three convictions for Evading Arrest/Detention.

Suber was booked into the Harris County Jail on both charges with a bond amount of $50,000.00 and is currently awaiting trial in the 337th District Court in Harris County.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.


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