Ohio Sheriff Urges Trump to Send ICE Agents


In a letter to President Trump, an Ohio Sheriff urged him to send ICE agents to target businesses that employ illegal aliens.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones asked President Trump to send Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to Butler County, Ohio, to begin a program of “workplace enforcement,” according to Fox 19.

“The American citizens are tired of dealing with this issue, tired of hearing on the news how an illegal alien committed a crime here and just gets to return home, tired of illegal aliens bringing and trading drugs in this country, and tired of losing jobs to companies who are willing to hire illegals and pay them far less wages,” said Jones in his letter to the President. “Our citizens are at risk to their health and physical safety every day that this country allows them to be here.”

Jones then asked President Trump to send in ICE because he believes there will be fewer people living on welfare if businesses cease hiring illegal labor.

“The American people who are forced to survive on welfare is disturbing. If we stop businesses from hiring illegal aliens, more Americans can get and maintain work,” Jones wrote.

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Jones was asked how popular his stance on immigration is in Butler County.

“It’s very popular, it’s very popular in our state. Trump won the state of Ohio even with the Governor of Ohio working against him, and never supported him,” said Jones during the interview.

When the host insinuated that what Jones is doing could be considered “nasty,” Jones fired back saying, “Hey, it’s not for sissies.”

Ryan Saavedra is a contributor for Breitbart Texas and can be found on Twitter at @RealSaavedra.


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