MSNBC's Chris Hayes Ties CA Shooting to 'Open-Carry' and 'Men's Rights' Movements

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Ties CA Shooting to 'Open-Carry' and 'Men's Rights' Movements

On his Tuesday night “All In” program on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes and his guests Jessica Valenti and Shannon Watts hypothesized there was a much deeper cultural aspect behind California mass shooter Elliot Rodger’s killing spree from over the weekend than just mental illness.

According to Hayes, part of that starts with what he called the “open-carry movement.”

“It seems to me, also, that when we’re looking at this horrible thing that happened this weekend and the influences, there is this kind of awful Venn diagram of two subcultures of American life that, in their ugliest form, can be very ugly indeed,” Hayes said. “That is, this kind of gun culture — the ugliest parts of gun culture, and I want to be specific here, the ugliest parts of gun culture — and the ugliest parts of this kind of online misogyny.”

Valenti pointed to the reaction to what she called the “men’s rights movement” and used comments on Internet websites about this movement as evidence to back her claim that’s is in part what motivated Rodgers.

“Just people are clear – there’s a whole universe,” Hayes said. “A universe with like language and abbreviations and acronyms – people are trading back and forth how to get women and why women are terrible in the same sentence. And there’s like a whole world there.”

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