Scarborough: Israel Played Into Hamas' Hands

Scarborough: Israel Played Into Hamas' Hands

On his Tuesday MSNBC broadcast, “Morning Joe” anchor Joe Scarborough continued his critical tack toward Israel for its role in its conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Scarborough argued that Israel was falling victim to Hamas’ propaganda effort, an effort that seems to have won over public opinion around the world, and therefore it should seek out an agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

“When you continue attacks that continue to show across the world 5-, 6-, 7-year-old children dragged out of rubble, dead, when they’re running with their parents to try to hide in a U.N. school, who does that help?” Scarborough said. “Israel plays into Hamas’ hands. Hamas celebrates when their civilians are killed so what does Israel not do? Israel needs to figure out a way to work with the Palestinian Authority to minimize Hamas’ influence.”

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd reiterated Scarborough’s point and said it would suit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu political interests to take Scarborough’s advice.

“Remember, Khalid Meshaal, the head of Hamas, was kicked out of Damascus,” Todd said. “Assad didn’t want to protect him anymore. That says a lot. I tell you, if Netanyahu were a clever politician and when it comes to the peace deals, you know, he really is sort of a — he worries about his domestic politics above all. This is the time to strike the deal with [PLO Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas and Abbas alone. And you know, just do it and cut out Hamas completely out of the loop – Abbas alone. And give the West Bank almost basically, you know, offer up a deal Abbas can’t refuse if he completely splits off from Hamas. Right now he can’t, but that’s the way to do this and quickly – cut off world opinion and world criticism.”

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