Ferguson Business Owner: Police Watched Looting

Ferguson Business Owner: Police Watched Looting

“Abe,” the owner of Sam’s Meat Market in Ferguson, MO reported that police stood and watched while businesses were looted. 

“We have not gotten help from the police at all” he said on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.” And “I did not feel like I should be out there risking my life, defending my store while the cops are just down the street watching the looters loot.” “Abe” went by a pseudonym because he feared for his security. 

He added that local police did not respond to 911 calls during the riots, stating “somebody could have gotten murdered in their neighborhood, somebody could have gotten raped, somebody could have gotten a home invasion, somebody could have gotten robbed, they were not taking calls at all…they were watching them loot the stores.”

“Abe” also argued the police showed excessive force at the beginning of the protests that “excited” the crowd, but also stated that this did not excuse the rioting. 

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