Gutfeld: Media Exploiting Ferguson as a Story that Carries 'a Bigger Social Impact'

Gutfeld: Media Exploiting Ferguson as a Story that Carries 'a Bigger Social Impact'

On Monday’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld use his show monologue to rail against the media for its selective pursuit storylines that fit a desired narrative while neglecting other stories, including the violence in Chicago.

Transcript as follows:

“What do you call six dead and 25 wounded?” Gutfeld asked. “A weekend in Chicago. Such crime is so mundane, it’s become background music for bad neighborhoods. So why doesn’t the media approach this chaos with the same fervor as they do with Ferguson? Repetitive violence doesn’t excite because it’s not crystallized into one stark act. It doesn’t produce the imagery that Pulitzer protein that builds portfolios and careers. Also a reporter only needs to hoof it to Ferguson for a week. You want to tackle bigger violence, that’s full-time. The incidents are too frequent and the cops are too sympathetic and that’s pretty boring.”

“We’ve been down this road before because the road never changes,” he continued. “Ferguson, Trayvon and even Newton — these are media musts because they fit a greater story line, one that often omits facts that don’t fit. The media believes that stories carry a bigger social impact. Unlike the horrors that kill more innocents daily. And so their lopsided coverage is actually self-fulfilling, making the story bigger and expanding the suffering. Politicians retreat in response to the media’s gaze acting out of concern for the world view, but not for the shopkeeper. That’s why you have riots and no riot police. With mundane death, you can’t raise money off it, you can’t raise your profile off it and you can’t raise any hell. But with Ferguson you could do all that, facts be damned.”

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