Fournier: Obama's ISIS Remarks 'Passive,' 'Unsettling'

Fournier: Obama's ISIS Remarks 'Passive,' 'Unsettling'

National Journal Senior Political Correspondent Ron Fournier said that President Obama’s comments that ISIS can be made “a manageable problem” were “awfully passive” and “unsettling” on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

“That’s awfully passive language to be using about this kind of brutality we’re seeing…the single most important question we need to be asking ourselves, and they’ve got to be asking themselves in Washington or at the White House is, ‘do we see ISIS as a direct and immediate threat to the United States?’” he stated.

Fournier added “I find it kind of unsettling that the president hasn’t been able to say whether or not this Islamic State is a threat to the United States. It appears, to me, to be that it is.”

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