Cruz on Obama ISIS Speech: 'Fundamentally Unserious,' Focused on 'Peripheral' Political Issues

Cruz on Obama ISIS Speech: 'Fundamentally Unserious,' Focused on 'Peripheral' Political Issues

On Wednesday’s “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel following President Barack Obama’s address to the nation about his forthcoming ISIS policy, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) lambasted what the president had set forth in that address.

Cruz called the policy “fundamentally unserious” and attacked the president for having a focus on political issues.

“Well, I thought the remarks tonight continued the president’s approach to this crisis, which is they were fundamentally unserious,” Cruz said. “If you look at the first portion of the president’s remarks tonight they were devoted to the defense of the failed Obama-Clinton policy, the policy that featured the United States leading from behind as he put it and has led to most of the world being on fire. He then sought to diminish the threat of ISIS to suggest that they’re primarily a regional threat and what we didn’t see tonight was a commander-in-chief focused on U.S. national security interests who stood up and said there are radical Islamic terrorist who have declared war on the United States who are murdering Christians, who have murdered two American journalists and who have promised to take jihad to America, and we will respond with overwhelming air force to take them out. Instead he suggested targeted attacks and focuses frankly on political issues that are peripheral from the central question of how we protect America from those who would take jihad to our nation.”

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