Fixer Kidnapped With Sotloff Says US Never Talked to Him

Fixer Kidnapped With Sotloff Says US Never Talked to Him

Yosef Abobaker, who was a fixer taken captive along with murdered journalist Steven Sotloff, said that American officials never talked to him after he was released from captivity at the hands of what he claims were ISIS militants in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “OutFront” on CNN.

“No [one], from the government of [America], they didn’t anyone, any officer, they didn’t contact me and ask me about that, anything about how you were kidnapped or tried to take any information about my kidnapper or Steve” he reported.  

Abobaker stated that one of his captors identified himself as a member of ISIS, “[one of my captors asked] ‘do you know who is us?’ I told him, ‘I think you are ISIS’…he said, ‘yes’” Abobaker said about his captivity.

He also described hearing one of the militants asking Sotloff for his password, possibly so he could access Sotloff’s phone or laptop, “they took us up to [a] floor inside of [a] building and put everybody in a room alone. After that, I hear one, he talk[ed] with Steve, he [said] to him ‘give me your password.’ Just, he [said] to him, password. And Steve [gave] him the password, for a telephone for [a] laptop, I don’t know. And then after that, I didn’t hear the voice of Steve.”   

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