Tillis: America Not Considered 'Exceptional'

Tillis: America Not Considered 'Exceptional'

Senate candidate and Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Thom Tillis argued that the policies of the president and the Democrat-controlled Senate had damaged the country to the extent that it “is no longer considered to be an exceptional nation” during the Republican Party’s Weekly Address on Saturday.

“The story of many Americans in my generation, that if you worked hard, played by the rules and persevered through good times and bad, you’d realize your American Dream and pass on something even greater to your children…that dream is becoming harder and harder to realize today because this President and his fellow Democrats are crushing our nation under a broken economy that continues to underperform and fails to create the opportunities needed for working-class Americans” he said.  And “unfortunately, we have an administration that has lost sight over what makes our country the most exceptional on this planet.”

Tillis then cited examples of the Democratic Party losing sight of what makes America exceptional such as the national debt, regulations and costs imposed by Obamacare, Russian aggression, Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon, and lack of a coherent strategy to fight ISIS.  He concluded, “simply put, America lacks leadership and is no longer considered to be an exceptional nation by our allies and our adversaries alike.”

He then argued the way to change this is by electing Republicans to the Senate in November.  Tillis argued a Republican majority would cut spending, repeal Obamacare, pass tax reform, and reduce regulation.

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