'Weekend Update' Consoles Obama on Low Approval Ratings

'Weekend Update' Consoles Obama on Low Approval Ratings

“Weekend Update” hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost jokingly consoled President Obama over his low approval ratings while making fun of President Bush on “Saturday Night Live.”

“On the bright side, after the midterm elections, pretty much nothing you do will matter” Che said.  And “if you had a better approval rating you’d have to be all over the country campaigning for other Democrats, but they don’t want you anywhere near them now.”

Jost chimed in by stating “maybe the American people will forget all about this [ISIS] in a few months.  Right? I mean, Benghazi used to seem like a huge deal, and now it’s just John McCain’s safe word,” adding, “you can smoke, and not just cigarettes.”

He also declared “everyone loves ex-presidents…the last guy spent eight years wrecking the economy, bombing every country with sand in it, and all he had to do to make us forget what he did was paint an OK picture of a dog.” 

Che concluded by telling the president “remember, no matter what, the brothas are always going to love you.  I mean, you could move the war to Canada and we’d still paint murals of you in the hood, right between Martin Luther King and Aaliyah.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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