Rush: Trying to Appease the Media a 'Guaranteed Loser'

Rush: Trying to Appease the Media a 'Guaranteed Loser'

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh declared that trying to appease the media is a “guaranteed loser” for Republicans, and that instead of worrying about the media Republicans should try to connect with voters on issues like immigration on Monday.

“Republican campaigns…one of the things I note is a common belief that they must, somehow, persuade the media of something.  And that to me is a guaranteed loser because it’s not possible, the media is never going to see the light” he said. And “the media’s not going to support a Republican challenger to a Democrat incumbent.”

He expressed his frustration that “the Republicans can’t get past it, they can’t get past the notion that they can’t win unless the media’s on their side, and it’s never going to happen…certainly not in the anywhere near future.”

Instead of worrying about the media, Limbaugh stated “the focus has always got to be on the people…and when the subject of immigration comes up in a debate how hard is it to say you support jobs for Americans?”

He warned that “the media’s going to beat you over the head for it, they’re going to call you bigots and anti-this, but you’re going to resonate with voters.”

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