Lanny Davis: Obama Press Team Has 'Failed'

Lanny Davis: Obama Press Team Has 'Failed'

Former Clinton administration Special Counsel Lanny Davis, blasted the president’s press team because they have “failed to get out in front of stories” on Friday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I have said it myself, that President Obama has not been a great communicator. His communication shop has failed to get out in front of stories, even on explaining ISIS. It took a long time for him to depart from the jayvee to the varsity, that ISIS is a threat to our homeland, and that’s why the Democratic Party base supports the bombing and the obliteration of ISIS, but he is slow on communicating his policies. And I think his disapproval ratings have gone up because there’s a great gap, for example, on the things people like about Obamacare. He has not been out there communicating that clearly” he said.

Davis also criticized Democratic Senate candidates for trying to distance themselves from the president, stating “Democrats, I would suggest don’t do themselves any good by running away or not admitting who you voted for or saying all of a sudden that you oppose him.” He added that he would advise Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes to embrace Obamacare.

Davis took issue with some of the criticisms of President Obama by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, saying “first of all, a majority of liberal Democrats support the bombing of ISIS without being involved in a ground war, as do most Americans. So, I don’t know where he gets judgments about the Democratic base. I don’t think he’s a member of the Democratic base. Secondly, it’s easy in hindsight to say that President Obama should have supported this Syrian moderate opposition at the time that Leon Panetta urged him to, as did Secretary of State Clinton, but even Secretary of State Clinton said she’s not sure that would have made a difference, and now the president is supporting the Syrian moderate opposition.”

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