Rand Paul: We Shouldn't Be Arming Syrian Rebels

Rand Paul: We Shouldn't Be Arming Syrian Rebels

Friday on CNN’s “Wolf,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said we should not arm Syrian rebels because they can not hold them and the resulting “irony,” is that U.S. forces are now fighting against their own weapons.

Paul said, “I think the biggest problem, where I disagree with the president most strenuously, is in arming the Syrian rebels. The Syrian rebels don’t seem to be able to hang on to the arms. Most of the arms we’ve given, and the Saudis have given, and the Qataris have given has ended up in the hands of ISIS. So I said a year ago, that the irony they will have trouble overcoming, is that we will someday be fighting the weapons that we send into the Middle East and I think that irony is now.” 

“I think we have to do something about ISIS and I agree with military action against ISIS but I think it’s disappointing that we are fighting against our own weapons,” he added. 

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