Hume Hits WH Allies for Attacking GOP for Ebola, Calls for 'More Candor' from Obama

Hume Hits WH Allies for Attacking GOP for Ebola, Calls for 'More Candor' from Obama

On Monday’s “Special Report,” Fox News senior political contributor Brit Hume criticized the Obama administration and its allies for suggesting Republicans are solely to blame for budget cuts to the CDC and the NIH that have come via sequestration.

Hume explained that ultimately Obama signed that sequestration into law and that his previous assurances that it would not reach the United States were false.

Partial transcript as follows:

Yes, the budgets for America’s Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health have been cut over the past four years, but a big part of that results from the automatic across the board spending cuts known as sequestration. An idea proposed by the Obama White House, passed into law by both the Republican House and the Democratic Senate, and signed by the president. What’s more, the CDC’s budget for treating emerging infection diseases has actually increased steadily since 2010.

With only one person having contracted Ebola while inside the U.S., most Americans probably sense they’re not likely to catch the disease. But the government’s repeated assurances that it wouldn’t come here and that if it did, it would not spread and that health workers were protected by their hazmat suits all turned out to be wrong. So alarm over Ebola is understandably spreading. More money probably won’t stop that, but a little more candor would be a start.

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