Neil Young: Impeach Obama – for Fracking

Neil Young: Impeach Obama – for Fracking

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” rock legend Neil Young was asked, based on his views of the Iraq war under President George W. Bush, which at the time Young deemed to be an impeachable offense, if President Barack Obama’s military actions in Iraq and Syria against ISIS warrant impeachment as well.

Instead Young said Obama should be impeached for another offense – for allowing fracking in the United States.

Partial transcript as follow:

COLBERT: Last time you were here, you tried to get me to sing a song about impeaching the president, who at the time was George W. Bush and you wanted to impeach him over getting us into the war in Iraq. Now that Obama is getting us into a war in Iraq, are you up for impeaching him, too?

YOUNG: No, no.

COLBERT: No? Well, then you’re a double hypocrite. Yeah, really? You don’t care this time?

YOUNG: I think we should impeach him for fracking.

COLBERT: Really? It’s not illegal.

YOUNG: It’s not in the interest of the American people.

COLBERT: Are you an American or a Canadian?

YOUNG: I am part of the free world.

COLBERT: Are you an American or a Canadian?

YOUNG: I am a Canadian.

COLBERT: Hey, there’s the door.

YOUNG: No, no, no. I’m a Canadian. I don’t have to go. I stay.

Earlier on Tuesday, Young told SiriusXM host Howard Stern climate change was a more important fight for the “free world” than ISIS.

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