Gen Dempsey 'Worried' Because 'We Know So Little' About Ebola

Gen Dempsey 'Worried' Because 'We Know So Little' About Ebola

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey said that he was “worried” about the Ebola virus because “we know so little about it,” and experts are divided on how the virus could mutate during an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN.

Dempsey said “I’ve been worried about Ebola globally for about 90 days, and I have had some on my staff that were probably a little more worried than I was even a few weeks or months before that.”

He added that “I’m worried about it because we know so little about it. … If you bring two doctors who happen to have that specialty into a room, one will say ‘no, there’s no way it’ll ever become airborne, but it could mutate so it would be harder to discover.’ … Another doctor will say, ‘well if it continues to mutate at the rate it’s mutating, and if we go from 20,000 infected to 100,000, the population might allow it the opportunity to mutate and become airborne.’”

“I don’t know who is right. I don’t want to take that chance, so I’m taking it very seriously” he concluded.

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