GOP Candidate Zeldin: 'Restore the American Dream'

GOP Candidate Zeldin: 'Restore the American Dream'

Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in New York’s first Congressional district, argued the Republican policies would “restore the American Dream” during the GOP’s weekly address on Saturday.

“Our government spends more than it takes in, fails to keep basic promises to our veterans, and squanders opportunity after opportunity to create good-paying jobs.  Instead of courage, we see caution and inaction” he declared.

Zeldin argued Congress should focus on “creating good-paying, private sector jobs.”  He added “we need to fight for our veterans who fought for us.  We can’t rest until we know the VA will be able to provide the first-rate, 21st century care our men and women in uniform deserve,” and “we need to repeal and replace Obamacare with solutions that cost less and guarantee more freedom, certainty, and security.”

He concluded by stating that “we have to improve our education system, to put parents in charge of their kids’ education, and give every child an opportunity to succeed.” And “together, we can end the dysfunction, and restore the American Dream for our kids and grandkids. They’re what this is all about.”

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