Andrea Mitchell: When Is The Ebola Czar Going to Start Working?

Andrea Mitchell: When Is The Ebola Czar Going to Start Working?

MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” host Andrea Mitchell grilled White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes on the federal government’s response to spread of Ebola in the United States on Monday.

She asked, “Is there any excuse for the CDC not having protocols that included the proper use of protective gear covering all parts of the skin? That’s one. And when is Ron Klain going to get there? We’re told that he was appointed, but he’s not going to start until Wednesday, he hasn’t been at these crisis meetings the last couple of days?”

After Rhodes said “the CDC has protocols in place with local hospitals,” Mitchell interjected “but they’re issuing new protocols, Ben, so that means their protocols weren’t up to snuff.”

He responded that the CDC was issuing new protocols “out of an abundance of caution” because the focus is “how we can we be extraordinarily vigilant to make sure that there’s no margin for error?”

As for Klain, Rhodes stated, “I saw him here at the White House over the weekend. He was in getting briefed up on the various components of our efforts against Ebola.  He’ll be working this full-time on Wednesday. He brings extraordinary management experience in dealing with various government agencies on complex challenges.”

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