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Limbaugh: Amnesty One of Post-Election 'Horror Stories'

Limbaugh: Amnesty One of Post-Election 'Horror Stories'

On Monday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that a report that the federal government issued a draft solicitation for vendors to issue ID cards “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements” was proof that “all kinds of new horror stories” would become true after the election and “one of them is amnesty.”

Limbaugh predicted that “amnesty is coming,” and “we’re getting ready to pass out work IDs to 9 million people.”  He pointed out, “we’ve seen this before,” and that the federal government issued a solicitation for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” back in January.  He declared, “there’s all kinds of new horror stories in a lot of areas that are going to become reality after the election and one of them is amnesty.”

He added “it’s not going to happen until every Senate election has been decided, including Mary Landrieu in Louisiana if that goes to a run-off” because such an executive order would be “pure governing against the will of the people.”

Limbaugh also quipped, “apparently, not only do we need illegal immigrants to do the work Americans will no longer do, we need illegal aliens to commit the crimes Americans will no longer commit” in response to another report that interior deportations were down 34 percent and “167,000 convicted criminal immigrants with final orders of removal still in the United States.”

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