Fournier: 'Finger-Pointing' from White House a Sign 'Democrats Are Going to Lose'

Fournier: 'Finger-Pointing' from White House a Sign 'Democrats Are Going to Lose'

During the “Inside Politics” on CNN’s Tuesday broadcast of “New Day,” National Journal’s Ron Fournier pointed to leaks by the Obama White House as a tell-tale sign that the Democrats are gearing up for a big loss in next month’s midterm elections.

“The clearest indication we have that the Democrats are going to lose is my phone was lighting up yesterday with White House officials blaming senate candidates and senate campaign committee and senate campaigns complaining about the White House,” Fournier said. “There’s already finger-pointing inside the Democratic party.”

Fournier was referring to President Barack Obama’s remarks on Al Sharpton’s radio show on Monday in which he explained Democrats trying to distance themselves from him were actually supporters of his policies.

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin tended to agree with Fournier’s observation that this was a development that favored the Republican Party.

“I think that sound bite will be on radio ads by today,” Martin said. “It’s two weeks out. That’s the message you usually hear two days out on African-American radio and the fact that there’s two weeks out gives the GOP an opportunity to push that out.”

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