Palin: Exec Amnesty Endangers Foreign Kids, 'Makes No Sense'

Palin: Exec Amnesty Endangers Foreign Kids, 'Makes No Sense'

Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) argued that President Barack Obama was putting children from Central America by failing to secure the border and that an executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would put them in greater danger on Thursday.

“Young people from across Central America are making a dangerous trek to America, flooding the border, overwhelming our social services.  Yet, we still don’t protect our borders” she said.  Adding that executive amnesty “makes no sense,” “for the health and welfare of the tens of thousands of foreign children who risk death to flood across our open border.  He’s inviting them over, he’s putting them in danger via his invitation to come on over.”

She also pointed to the harms of failing to secure the border to national security and the US economy, stating,  “The world’s largest and most powerful terrorist group has vowed to attack the United States…yet we don’t protect our borders, so we can’t stop this.” And “hard-working Americans have struggled to find good work and they do find good work [they find] that wages are low and they just can’t seem to get ahead.  Why?  It’s partly because the flood of illegal immigration makes labor cheap, so cheap that it’s hard to make a living.”

Palin argued that the president’s actions on immigration were simply the president playing politics, and that he “wants to pander to special interests.”

She concluded, “We have to elect people in November who understand how important it is to buck Obama’s mission this time.”

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