Dem Strategist: GOP Faces 'Double Standard' on Sexism

Dem Strategist: GOP Faces 'Double Standard' on Sexism

CNN Political Commentator and Democratic Strategist Maria Cardona argued that the lack of outcry over Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen saying “escort whore out the door” in reference to current South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley showed “there is a double standard” in how sexist comments by Republicans and Democrats are treated on Tuesday’s “@This Hour” on CNN.

Cardona argued Sheheen “should have apologized immediately” for his slip of the tongue instead of laughing about it.

She added that Ann Romney’s comments that that “if a Republican had said this, it would be blowing up in their face like nobody’s business,” were “right,” and that “there is a double standard.”

Cardona then explained the double standard by saying “the reason there’s a double standard is because Republican policies are the ones that have historically not benefitted women. I guarantee you that if Sheheen had supported, in his past, had supported invasive ultrasounds if a woman dared to get an abortion. If he supported, if he didn’t support equal pay for equal work, if he didn’t support raising the minimum wage when two-thirds of the minimum wage jobs are held by women then, yes, I bet you EMILY’S List, NOW, and a lot of progressives would be going after him the way that they go after republican candidates when they put their foot in their mouths and talk about rape, for example.”

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