Obama: Ebola Is Something That Will Get Fixed

Obama: Ebola Is Something That Will Get Fixed

Tuesday, President Barack Obama made a statement on the U.S. governments efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak.

Obama said, “America in the end is not defined by fear. That’s not who we are. America’s defined by possibility and when we see a problem and a challenge, then we fix it. We don’t just react based on our fears. We react based on facts and judgment. And making smart decisions. That’s how we have built this country and sustained this country and protected this country. That’s why america has defined progress, use not afraid when challenges come up. Thanks to our military, our dedicated medical and health care professionals, the men and women who I spoke to today in West Africa, that leadership and progress continues.” 

“We’re going to keep on making progress. We’re going to solve this particular progress just like we solved every other problem. But it starts with us having the confidence in understanding that as challenging as this may be, this is something that will get fixed. In large part because we’ve got extraordinary americans with experience, talent, dedication, who are willing to put themselves on the front lines to get things done. I’ll have more about — more to say about this tomorrow when I have those workers here. But I just wanted to emphasize how proud I am of the people who are already involved in this effort and how confident I am after speaking to them that, in fact, we’re going to get this problem under control.”

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