Trump on Obama: 'I Never Thought It Would Be This Bad'

Trump on Obama: 'I Never Thought It Would Be This Bad'

Donald Trump said that he “never thought it [the Obama administration] was going to be bad” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump laid out numbers on the economy and then declared “I never thought it was going to be this bad. It’s turned out to be a disaster, whether you look at Ebola, with the no quarantine people coming in and it’s going to get worse. We sent 4,000 soldiers over to fight [Ebola].”

He also criticized Hillary Clinton for arguing corporations don’t create jobs, saying “well, she’s going over to the Elizabeth Warren side of things…that’s a pretty big statement. Very sad, by the way, very sad statement for the country. It’s not true it’s a very sad statement.”

Speaking on the 2016 campaign, Trump did not rule out running, adding “I’ve been hearing about Mitt Romney. And the problem is, he blew it. Now, whether you like him or don’t like him, I like him, but he blew it. He had that election won. Four weeks to that election, Obama was doing horribly and he blew it.”

He also criticized the handling of ISIS, observing “it looks to me like we’re dealing with them in a very weak fashion, and at some point something’s going to have to happen,” adding that Putin does not have respect for the US.

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