Giuliani: Putin, ISIS Would be Afraid of Christie

Giuliani: Putin, ISIS Would be Afraid of Christie

Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” the former mayor on New York City, Rudy Giuliani said it might be time to have a tough leader like Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) so our enemies fear us again like they did when Ronald Reagan was president.

Giuliani was reacting to the video of Christie telling a protester waving a sign a few feet from his face to “sit down and shut up,” he he told Blitzer, “Maybe we need that after a period of time in which we have a president who can’t seem to make a decision. You know, when you have a president who had no plans for ISIS, who thought ISIS was the JV, who seems to have had no plan for Ebola. They’re improving now, but they sure took a long time. Maybe we follow that with somebody who has a decisive personality, and maybe that is somebody Putin would pay attention to.”

He continued, “Maybe they would be afraid of him like they were afraid of Ronald Reagan. Remember all those months that the Iranians held the hostages, and then the first day Ronald Reagan was in office when they took a look in Ronald Reagan’s eyes, they set them free. Maybe it isn’t so bad if some of our enemies around the world are afraid of our president, and don’t hear for the first time when a president speaks, I’m not going to put boots on the ground. The minute you tell me that, I kind of figure I might get away pretty easy.”

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