CNN Criticizes Rangel Over GOP Belief 'Slavery Isn't Over' Comments

CNN Criticizes Rangel Over GOP Belief 'Slavery Isn't Over' Comments

Friday on CNN’s “This Hour With Berman and Michaela,” a panel discussing Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) comments at a rally for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hammered the “idiot,” congressman.

Rangel said Thursday night, “Everything we believe in, everything we believe in they hate! They don’t disagree, they hate! They think that if you didn’t come from Europe 30 years ago, we shouldn’t have immigration! Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over, and that they won the Civil War.”

ESPN writer LZ Granderson could not contain his disgust with the comments as he said, “Why he’s still in office. after he’s been busted on 11 counts of ethics violations, why is he still in office? The type of things he’s doing right now, saying those kinds of things are absolutely ridiculous and have no place in politics and has no place in the democratic party and if you think what he says is true then i’m going to tell you the truth, you’re an idiot. Because slavery — and that time period it doesn’t exist today.” 

Republican strategist Ana Navarro added, “This is a guy who’s totally discredited. he has been in congress since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Frankly before I was born. He is a guy who, as LZ mentioned, was found guilty of 11 ethics violations, was stripped of his chairmanship of ways and means. President Obama wouldn’t even endorse him in a heated democrat primary that he faced. So I question the sanity of the people that continue voting for him and also I think there’s a lot of democrats that wish he weren’t there because he does and says things that are embarrassing to their party and to our country.”

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