Maher to Media Matters: ‘Shut the F*ck Up’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized overdone political correctness, particularly Dolce & Gabbana’s boycotters and Media Matters, along with members of academia in his closing monologue on Friday.

Maher began by talking about the boycott of Dolce & Gabbana, saying “we joke about everybody here, and that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do. For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks. I don’t necessarily agree with Dolce & Gabbana, but what is the point of attacking people who are 95% on your side? Give them a break. They’re from Sicily, the same place Justice Scalia comes from, and if you want to protest someone who doesn’t support gays, start with him.”

He added, “really? You can’t sell handbags if you only agree with Elton John almost all the time? In Syria, ISIS is throwing gay people off buildings, maybe there are bigger battles to fight.”

Maher then stated that he believed the crazies on the right are worse, than the crazies on the left, which is “all the more reason not to drive people into their arms with crazy political correctness. For example, the Economist, last week drew the wrath of the liberal website Media Matters, who said that their jalapeno flag cover was ‘[the] sort of stereotype that ignores Latinos as a multi-faceted community and relegates them to [a] chili pepper-consuming [constituency].’ Hey, Media Matters, can I say one thing to you? Shut the f*ck up,” a line that drew loud applause from the audience. He continued, “no Hispanic looked at this cover and said ‘I’ve been wronged.’ They looked at it and said ‘hmm, yum, jalapenos.'”

Maher added, “look at this insane headline, ‘College President Forced to Apologize After Saying All Lives Matter.’ You know what happened? A college president sent out an e-mail in support of the protesters in Ferguson, but said ‘all lives matter’ instead of ‘black lives matter,’ and then had to apologize. ‘I’m sorry. I meant black lives. F*ck all lives.’ …one more, at mount Holyoke, this year, they canceled a production of ‘the Vagina Monologues’ because they said it offended the transgendered by offering ‘an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman.’ Yes we forget about the 0.3% of women who don’t have vaginas, but still want a monologue. I’m sorry, I love the transgendered, but if you’re transgendered and you can’t handle ‘the Vagina Monologues,’ you don’t need a vagina. You’re already a giant pussy.”

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