Levin: Roberts ‘Now Serving the Obama Administration,’ GOP Won’t Repeal OCare

Talk radio host and author of “Plunder and Deceit,” Mark Levin argued that Chief Justice John Roberts is “now serving the Obama administration” and that Congressional Republicans would not act to repeal Obamacare on Thursday.

Levin began with, “Unfortunately, as each day goes by, my insistence that we live in a post-Constitutional America is played out. And that’s what it is, a post-Constitutional America.”

He continued, “No matter how many conservative presidents, Republican presidents we have who nominate people to the bench, they turn. John Roberts served in the Reagan administration. John Roberts is now serving the Obama administration. He’s a hack.” Levin also pointed out that Justice Anthony Kennedy was appointed by Ronald Reagan, “but these people get on the court, lifetime appointments, no way to reach them, and some of them hold true to the founding principles, and some of them hold true to the New York Times editorial page.”

Levin then discussed the possibility of impeaching justices, which he said wouldn’t happen since there has long been a precedent against that, and that it would also open the door for liberals to try and impeach Justices Scalia and Thomas.

He then said, “There was no ambiguity, no ambiguity in this statute with respect to these four words. And that’s the irony, everybody says, ‘It’s only four words, it’s only four words.’ Right, so it’s elemental. So, it’s easy to understand. Even a Supreme Court justice should have enough ability, should have enough reading comprehension prowess to understand those four words have meaning, like four words in the Constitution, like four words in your mortgage, like four words in your loans. Those four words had meaning, and they knew it, and Roberts knew it. But it didn’t matter.”

Levin continued, “He’s the Chief Justice, on the new Roberts court, and they’re going to blaze a new trail, a trail of judicial activism like we’ve never seen before.”

He later added, “today, all three branches of the federal government legislate.” And “If you think that the courts are going to protect us from centralized government, you’re wrong. The courts are centralized government. The Supreme Court has made this all possible, since 1937, it has delivered big government one gob at a time.”

Levin then turned to Congressional Republicans, and argued “They’re not going to change anything” about Obamacare. And “Our constitutional system, our constitutional process is dead. And they won’t stand up for it. They’re surrendering power. This whole debate over this trade crap was never about free trade, it was about how much more power are we going to give an out of control president. Apparently, every damn bit of power he wants.”

Levin concluded, “I’m tired of all these public officials playing for their legacy, playing for Hollywood, playing for the editorial pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times, I’m sick and tired of it.”

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