Watch: Two High School Football Players Target, Hit Referee

John Jay High School in San Antonio, TX fell to Marble Falls High School 15-9 on Friday, but what took place at the end of the game is quite alarming.

With about one minute left in the game, two players from John Jay can be seen targeting a referee with one running into the back of the referee to knock him down, with the other player then jumping on the referee once he was on the ground.

While it is not fully clear why the two players targeted the referee, it is reported that before the play seen in the video, two John Jay players had been ejected on separate plays.

The first player to hit the referee was ejected after the bad play and another one was wrongly given the boot from the game, while the second player to hit him remained in the game.

The Northside Independent School District is still investigating the incident.

(h/t KENS5)

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