Matalin: When Hillary Loses Iowa and NH, Biden or Warren Will Jump In


Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Republican political consultant Mary Matalin said Hillary Clinton’s support comes from the support for her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Thus if she loses the first primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, Matalin predicted it was very likely someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or Vice President Joe Biden will jump in the race.

Matalin said, “Losing Iowa and New Hampshire is going to be the pivotal moment to see the prowess of her campaign and the depth of her support among Democratic regulars.”

She continued, “She doesn’t have a depth of following Her following is derivative of her husband. She doesn’t have that big loyal faction in the Democratic Party. She may have some loyal followers — some feminist and such but she is just there because she is the the wife of.”

“I’m saying when she loses those two states it makes others—however the rules are—rules are made to be broken—jump in the race. Whether it’s an Elizabeth Warren or a Joe Biden or Jim Webb is going to run an independent candidacy.”

Host Malzberg asked, “You don’t think they will coalesces behind Sanders? You think they will say uh-oh and a Biden or a Warren or a Kerry will get in?”

Matalin answered, “Yes.”

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