Carlson on Anti-Trump Protesters: Not About Policy, But ‘Moral Vanity’ — They Think They’re Better Than Him

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” network host Tucker Carlson sounded off on the anti-Trump protesters that are gearing up to rally against Donald Trump on Inauguration Day.

Carlson described the anti-Trump cause as being “moral vanity” because it is not about policy and that the protesters thinking they are better than he is.

“I’m for Trump,” Carlson said. “You don’t have to like Trump. You don’t have to like any government policy. You have a right to say that you don’t like it. But it’s helpful when you’re specific about what you don’t like. What I’ve noticed in covering this the past year is most of the protest are along these lines — he’s a bad person, he’s a bigot, I don’t like his soul, he’s not going to heaven and I’m protesting his badness.”

“It might be useful — when the march on Washington happened in 1963, there was a specific ask,” he continued. “We want the Civil Rights Act. We a specific piece of legislation. That is not what you’re hearing now. It’s moral vanity. It’s, ‘I’m a better person than Donald Trump.'”

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