Greenwald: ‘Unelected Faction’ of Government Intelligence Officials in ‘Open Warfare’ With Trump

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald elaborated on his article claiming there was a “deep state” within the U.S. government is waging a war on democratically elected President-elect Donald Trump.

Greenwald, who was sure to point out he was against Trump’s candidacy during the 2016 campaign, told host Tucker Carlson there was those on the left calling for the intelligence community to undermine Trump’s presidency.

“You see Democrats at this point — even liberals opening calling for and cheering for the intervention of the CIA, the intelligence community, the overall deep state hoping that because they failed to do so that this unelected faction in Washington will undermine and subvert and destroy the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency before he is even inaugurated. And I think what you’re seeing is actually quite dangerous. There really is, at this point, obvious open warfare between this unelected but very powerful faction that resides in Washington and sees presidents come and go, on the one hand, and the person that the American democracy elected to be the president on the other who is supposed to be it’s chief executive and there’s clear extreme conflict and a lot of subversion taking place.

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