Sharpton: We ‘Should Begin’ to Get Excited About a Possible Trump Impeachment

Wednesday on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” when asked by the host if the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser could lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment, activist Al Sharpton said we “should begin” to get excited about the possibility.

Partial transcript as follows:

SHARPTON: Looks like there is real trouble in the White House. This whole question around the forced resignation and I emphasize the forced resignation, of the National Security Adviser Flynn, General Flynn, seems to really be something that could be a serious threat to the presidency of Donald Trump. From the beginning, there have been those that have observed his softness at best with Vladimir Putin, his connection to Russia. But let’s not forget Central to this is the intelligence report that they tried to interfere and have direct influence on an America election. Our concern should be that any time a foreign government particularly a combative one can influence our election and  have direct contact and some talks of negotiation with one in that administration, we need to be clear that is a real threat and that we ought to dig deep until we hit dirt here and find out what is going on. So that the American people won’t be trumped.

JOYNER: Won’t be trumped. Good one rev. So you think we’ll have enough to impeach? Should I get excited yet?

SHARPTON: You should begin. Don’t get excited yet just begin. Because the beginning of this is that if there was dialogue and negotiations with the Russians which is clearly against the law and clearly an act that can not be pardoned. If the president knew while it was going on and did not stop it or in some way authorized it that can be impeachable. So it’s going to come down to what he knew and when did he know it. Cause it is clear that it was done by Flynn and possibly others. What many of us are wondering is how could they do this without the knowledge of the president if not the tacit support. That is where you can get into where you can start getting excited and start doing high fives with Bill Bellamy.

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