Gutfeld: Obama Admin ‘Play Games with Language’ on Wiretaps, But Trump Tweeted Because He Was Mad

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld weighed in “President Obama, his administration, are playing games with language.” And that Trump tweeted because he was “ticked off,” and vented.

Gutfeld said, [relevant remarks begin around 5:30] “[T]his story has been retold so many times, with so little information. … I’ve heard the same angle re-told 100 times. It’s driving me crazy.”

He added, “President Obama, his administration, are playing games with language. Sure, they didn’t order it, but did they seek it? For example, I’ve bought a medical herbal supplement today. Actually, I didn’t. I sent my assistant out to get it. The only difference is, I didn’t go — I didn’t get out of the office and go and get it, but I still asked for it. That’s the — if they sought it, it’s no different really than ordering it.”

Gutfeld then turned to Trump. He stated, “What was the reason for the tweet? He was ticked off, that he felt that his staff gave into Sessions — to the Sessions thing too soon, that it was a sign of weakness. And so, his anger manifested itself in a tweet. This is human. I’ve done this four times at Fox. when something at work bugs me, what do I do? I go on Twitter and I vent, and then I have Twegret. … And I think that’s what — his Saturday tweet was a manifestation of anger over what happened on Friday, because he had a great week with the speech, he felt the Sessions recusal ruined that moment, he was mad at his staff, so he did this tweet. And I don’t think he recognized how big the tweet was going to land.”

Gutfeld later said, “I can hear the laughter of Putin, who’s winning right now. He’s leveraging the fact that the Dems and the media can’t get over losing, and it’s all about proving to his failing state that we are failing state. It’s about creating chaos. That’s all it’s about. … Russia is like the global skunk at the garden party. They didn’t just spray Hillary. They wanted to spray everybody. They started with Hillary and Podesta, but they’re getting everybody. An America that doesn’t pay attention to North Korea or Iran is the America that Putin loves.”

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